OMMA Healthcare works with a number of strategic partners on various projects. Some of our valued partners include the following highly qualified firms. All of our partners have extensive experience in both the U.S. healthcare market and the international marketplace. In addition to the excellent firms listed below, OMMA has numerous other working relationships
with major medical schools, hospital systems, and various other service and material providers

Rees Associates, Inc. Recognized as a “Top 100 Healthcare Firm” by ModernHealthcare, Rees is an excellent, award-winning full service architectural firm serving both U.S. and international clients in over 43 countries
SYMX  Healthcare Corporation.  SYMX is a leader in all aspects of equipment planning, procurement,
installation, and training, including overall project coordination and tracking systems. SYMX  serves a
 wide array of domestic and international clients.
MAN Enterprise.  MAN is a world renowned construction firm based in Beirut, Lebanon with extensive 
experience in major construction projects worldwide, with a particular focus upon the Middle East and Africa. 
large-scale turn-key projects, bringing a comprehensive and experienced project team to every project.

Joint Commission International. JCI is the world’s foremost accrediting body for international hospitals and
offers comprehensive consulting services to hospitals seeking to obtain JCI accreditation.

Zachry Construction. Zachry is one of the largest construction and construction management companies
in the U.S. and serves both domestic and international clients.

Intuitive Technical Solutions, Inc., (ITS) is an IT Solution Integration company focused in the Healthcare
Industry with extensive
experience in delivering proven, award winning IT solutions that have dramatically
improved their client’s businesess.

Alliance for Healthcare Competitiveness.AHC represents America's leading healthcare companies, both
for-profit and non-profit, from global companies to small businesses. AHC seeks to promote American job
growth and competitiveness by opening global markets to U.S. healthcare exports.




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